Chinaghat Road

2014-04-30 11.24.36

In between our district offices in Gorkha and Dhading lies the Chinaghat Road. This project has received significant attention from our local monitors over the last several years. After disaster struck when the rope snapped on the pulley mechanism that transported a basket over the river, killing the five people who were in the basket at that time, the community began to lobby the government for a safer method of crossing the river so that the local community could transport their crops to the local market. This is a largely agricultural area where crop farming occurs on an industrial scale, with some of the most fertile lands in the district, and transportation of these crops to market is critical for the economic survival of the local community.

After pressuring the council, a new and much more robust bridge has been built. The Chinaghat Road now consists of two sturdy bridges across the river, with a road in between wide enough for a vehicle to pass. Before the construction began, the road was merely a narrow footpath along the hillside, making it very difficult for crops to be transported. The people in this area are very pleased that the road and bridge have been improved.

After the course of the road was modified during building, one section of the road has become impassable due to the soft sandy nature of the ground in this area. Our monitors pressured the council not to modify the plans, but due to the expense created by having to build small bridges over the streams that run down the hillside, their concerns were ignored and the course of the road was changed. Now the monitors are lobbying to have the original plans restored, so that the road will be structurally sound from start to finish.


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