About Us

Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation Nepal is a non-profit organisation and has been operating across Nepal since November 2006.  The organisation operates in 67 out of the 75 of the districts of Nepal, and is hoping to expand to cover all districts. CAHURAST-Nepal and its district chapters work in collaboration with other human rights based organisations in order to operate effectively at both the local and national level. All of our projects make special provision for the inclusion of marginalised groups in the regions in which they operate. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish a civilized, cultured and rightful society with full respect of human rights, dignity, justice and happiness for the Nepalese people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the rights and consolidate peace through working towards the realisation of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) across Nepal, through advocacy and capacity building .


Our key objective is to actively support the democratic transformation of the Nepalese society to establish a culture of harmony and peace. ESCR form one of the major bases of sustainable democracy . We aim to:

  • Remain active for the protection and promotion of Human Rights
  • Establish a culture of harmony and peace
  • Develop coordination and extend the network of human rights with national and international human rights organizations
  • Remain active in strengthening democratic processes by means of capacity building at all levels
  • Conduct training, workshops, seminars, etc. to minimise existing conflict
  • Increase awareness about human rights and social transformation
  • Constitute a South Asia level human rights organization


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