Community Building, Gorkha

2014-05-01 08.35.53


Since 2069, our Monitors in Gorkha have been monitoring the construction of Community Building in the region. Community groups of all kinds are using the building for meetings and social gatherings, making it a social hub for the local community. The project first began when a plot of land was kindly donated, next to the previous community building which was small and in a poor state of repair. With a grant from the Gorkha Municipal Council and a generous contribution of both money, time and labour from the local community members, this Community Building has been constructed. We now have a three storey building, meaning that different community groups can be using the building at the same time.

CAHURAST Monitors have supported the construction of the Community Building, ensuring that the budget has been fairly and appropriately distributed throughout the duration of the project. The participation of the community in the construction means that a contractor was not required; a common source of budget mismanagement in Nepal. All of the decision making regarding budget allocation has been done in a democratic fashion. Because of this careful monitoring, we are confident that no corruption has occurred in the construction of this building. Now we are waiting for the next fiscal year and the allocation of the new budget so that we can finish the building with plastered walls, windows and latrines on every floor.


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